Monday 26 February 2024

TAS: The Good Time Has Finally Come?

Recently oil & gas sector seems to be quite robust as Petronas is expected to award more contracts in the near future. It plans 300 facilities improvement projects yearly from 2024 to 2026.

Many O&G stocks have made significant gain in share price since the end of Dec23. However, the two O&G stocks in my portfolio (Hibiscus & T7Global) did not move too much.

Petronas did mention that "significant increase is expected for plug & abandon activities in 2024". I think T7Global should be one of the potential beneficiaries for this P&A jobs, isn't it?

On 23 Jan24, Petronas announced that it has awarded 7 new PSCs (Production Sharing Contracts) under the Malaysia Bid Round 2023.

It is expected to garner more than RM1.3bil worth of capital investment (only?) to the country in the form of exploration work activities.

Friday 16 February 2024

My Portfolio Jan24

Summary of January 2024

Portfolio @ End of Jan24

Jan 2024 is a special month for stock market in Malaysia. A few stocks crashed heavily with multiple limit downs which was unheard of before.

Those stocks include Rapid, YNHProp, Imaspro, SCIB, MERSEC, JSB, ARTRONIQ, APB, SRIDGE, Tanco etc with various degree of severity.

I'm quite familiar with SCIB, it is the stock that I gained the most in value so far.

After the fall of Serba Dinamik, I thought SCIB would face the same fate but it could escape by "terminating" all those questionable contracts.

Last year I did notice that SCIB's share price somehow increased steadily despite making losses. Its share price rose 10x from RM0.12 to RM1.20 in 8 months time. 

Of course I was very surprise but I didn't expect it to fall so rapidly back to below 30sen in just 3 free trading days.

Thursday 1 February 2024

My Stock Investment Journey: 2013-2023


I'm not that young anymore.

I bought my first shares in the stock market back in mid 2006, not long after I started working.

So officially I've been in the stock market for almost 18 years. This sounds like I must be a very experienced investor, isn't it?

Even though I'm in and out of the stock market during this period of time, I think I have gained some experience but not so much compared to what I'd have hoped for.

In my early days of blogging, there was one blogger who just graduated from university and stepped into the stock market as a rookie.

After years of cultivation and perseverance, now he has become a successful and respectable investor & entrepreneur, with immense knowledge and experience in the stock market.

I may have started in front of him but I'm just languishing behind him by many streets now...