Friday 8 November 2013

Listed Logistics Companies In Malaysia

There are quite a lot of logistics companies with similar business model listed in Bursa Malaysia. Some companies are multimodal transport operators while some operate as shipping companies only.

Multimodal transport operators (MOT) provide total logistics solution with door-to-door service in term of sea, air, road & rail freight which include tug & barge, container haulage, trucking, warehousing, custom clearance etc.

       Container haulage

I have compiled a list of listed MOT logistics companies and some basic information about them. The list may not be complete and the information may not be accurate. It just provides a superficial comparison between them.

Listed MOT Logistics Companies in Malaysia
  1. Century Logistics
  2. Complete Logistic
  3. Freight Management
  4. Harbour-Link
  5. Integrated Logistics
  6. Konsortium Logistik
  7. MISC
  8. Nationwide
  9. See Hup
  10. Tasco
  11. Tiong Nam Logistics
  12. Transocean
  13. Yinson

M/Cap Price PE Net DY NTA
Century 254 2.08 14.4 3.9 2.11
Complete 84 0.7 7 N/A 0.79
Freight 271 1.59 12 2.8 0.89
Harbour 158 0.87 29.5 (5.1) 2.9 1.11
Konsortium 376 1.49 22.5 6.7 0.8
ILB 350 1.96 N/A 1.9 3.14
MISC 22140 5.05 19.8* N/A 5.24
Nationwide 35 0.6 N/A 3.8 1.02
See Hup 34 0.66 N/A N/A 1.23
Tasco 210 2.09 7.2 4.3 2.61
Tiong Nam 438 5.25 25.6 1.7 3.63
Transocean 12 0.29 13.4 N/A 0.79
Yinson 1064 4.87 31.6 0.4 1.64

        Sea Freight

Century Logistics
  • Also has Oil & Gas and procurement Logistics (provide procurement, assembly & repackaging work)
  • Revenue and profit in reducing trend
  • New 400,000 sq ft warehouse in Port of Tanjung Pelepas ready by 2nd half of 2013

Complete Logistic
  • Just completed acquisition of Pengangkutan Sekata in April 2013
  • More on land logistics
  • Revenue and profit in slight increasing trend, newly acquired subsidiary may help 
  • FY14Q1 (end  June13) net profit of RM7.3mil is 60% FY2013 total net profit of RM12mil, but there is an one-off gain on bargain purchase of Penagangkutan Sekata (RM3.67mil) in the Q1 result.
  • Current low PE ratio is probably justified.
  • No dividend since year 2010.

Freight Management
  • Probably the best managed logistic company 
  • Uninterrupted revenue and profit growth for many years
  • Recently venture into Oil & Gas industry with 50:50 JV with Scomi Engineering
  • Plan to expand to more SEA countries and southern India

  • Revenue lower but net profit increases compared to previous year (excluding one-off loss of goodwill impairment in FY13Q4 end Jun13)
  • Has engineering & construction business besides logistics
  • Has quite a lot of borrowings (net D/E 0.50)
  • Low estimated actual PE of 5.1

Integrated Logictics
  • Mainly operates in overseas with warehouses & transportation business in China & UAE. 
  • Revenue and profit in reducing trend
  • Loss making in latest FY (end Dec) and last 3 quarters
  • Balance sheet remains healthy
  • Business in Dubai (started Oct12) & Wujiang phase 2 (started Q1FY13) will start to contribute in FY2013. Dubai business is still loss-making though.
  • Recently disposed part of its assets in China (Shenzen & Henan) where ILB owns 70% in June 2013 for a gain of RM178mil. Special dividend of net RM1.10 per share is declared.
  • In future may exit China to concentrate on Dubai.

Konsortium Logistik
  • Revenue back on track but net profit fluctuates
  • Automotive logistics makes up 36% of its total revenue
  • Panelist for various government linked companies such as TNB, Petronas Carigali, MRT Corp etc
  • Recently DRB Hicom bought 61.61% of its shares at RM1.55 per share

       Air Freight

  • FBM KLCI Index stock
  • Do a lot of special logistics jobs that other smaller companies can't handle
  • Revenue is declining over the years, earning fluctuates
  • No dividend since year 2011 after changing financial year end
  • Estimated PE about 19.8 for last 4 quarters

  • Generally known as a express courier service provider but also provides other freight services
  • Revenue flat, loss making in the last 2 quarters & last financial year (FY13 end Mac13)

See Hup
  • Revenue drops slightly, but making loss in 6 out of last 7 quarters
  • Loss making in the last 2 financial years (end Mac) but loss narrows and turn slightly profitable in last quarter (FY14Q1)
  • Last dividend in 2011

  • Revenue and net profit drop for the last 2 quarters, after posting strong growth for previous years
  • Tasco is a subsidiary of Yusen Logistics which is a subsidiary of Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha. Both are Japan listed companies with the latter a global Fortune 500 company.
  • Air freight comprises 29% of FY2012 revenue

Tiong Nam Logistics
  • Revenue & net profit increase significantly for the last 2 quarters due to maiden contribution from property development
  • For FY14Q1 (latest), property development makes up 35% of total revenue and 66% of PBT.
  • Quite heavily geared with net D/E ratio of 0.95
  • Has a division of property letting (for factories & commercial properties) which contributes almost similar PBT to its logistics division in FY14Q1.

  • Revenue and profit stay flat
  • No dividend given
  • Net D/E 0.50 with poor cash flow
  • Trading tires earns more than its logistics division

  • Both revenue and net profit in increasing trend 
  • Has successfully ventured into Oil & Gas sector by providing offshore services in recent years
  • Recently acquired Norway Fred Olsen Production which will strengthen its presence in offshore marine sector worldwide.
  • Almost 80% of revenue of FY13 comes from commodity trading
  • Heavily geared at net D/E ratio of 1.4 at end April13, mostly short term borrowing 

       Tug & Barge

In summary
  • Habour-Link, Tiong Nam & Complete may be undervalued at the moment
  • Though its share price has surged 110% since June13, Tiong Nam current high PE may NOT be truly high as contribution from property may be huge in subsequent quarters. If we multiply its Q1 earning of RM15mil by 4, a full FY earning of RM60mil will give an EPS of 71sen and PE of just 7.4x at current share price of RM5.25
  • ILB gives hefty special dividend following the sales of assets in China, but earning in near future is likely to be poor
  • Yinson's high gearing poses a risk if global economy turns sour suddenly. However, it has great earning potential 
  • See Hup, Nationwide & Transocean may have a hard time ahead
  • Freight may not be cheap now but may grow further. However new JV in O&G may incur loss at initial stage
  • MISC & Century seem to be running out of business recently
  • Tasco needs to wait for subsequent quarterly results to justify its low PE

Logistics industry is highly competitive. Recently it seems like there is an oversupply in sea freight which hits a few companies. Most companies view the near future as challenging. In this circumstances, well-managed companies which are able to provide good service and cost-saving to customers will win. 

All these are just my personal opinion. I do not study in detail all of these companies. There is no buy or sell call.

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