Tuesday 19 November 2013

Matrix Breaks Out Silently

After consolidating for 2 months, Matrix's share price staged a small rally since 2 days ago, up from RM2.91 to RM3.20 at the moment.

Yesterday, it broke out above its RM3 resistance at a relatively high volume.

Matirx will release its FY13Q3 financial result today (19th Nov). Investors must be confident with its result. Or more dividend soon?

       Serndayan Merchant Square

The township of Bandar Sri Sendayan will be Matrix's major earning contribution. Do you think it will do well?

In early Nov, UK-based Weir Group has announced to invest RM353mil in Sendayan Techvalley to build a new plant. This will provide more job opportunities to the residents of Bandar Sri Sendayan.

Nevertheless, I am a bit worried whether it can maintain at least its Q2 net profit for Q3, as this stock is still new and is hard to predict.

We will know later today.

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