Saturday 9 November 2013

Stock Watch & Alert List

Besides my stock investment portfolio, I will start to share my stock watch list in this blog. The purpose is to share the stocks that I think are good and to discipline myself. It is not a buy or sell recommendation.

I will divide my stock watch list into 2 groups: stock watch & stock alert.

Stock Watch group consists of stocks that I have studied and wish to add into my portfolio, but it is still not in my portfolio due to:
  • No money
  • PE ratio too high
  • Need little further monitoring or confirmation

Stock Alert group consists of stocks that interest me, but:
  • Not yet study the stock in more detail
  • Need more further monitoring or information

So, when I come across a stock that I think is potentially good, I will place it in the stock alert list. After studying the stock and if I think it is worth a buy but either it is overvalued or I have not enough fund, then I will put it in the stock watch list.

When the time is right, I will buy the stock and put it in my satellite portfolio. If the stock and company continue to do well, I will consider to buy more in stages to promote it to my core portfolio.

However, if the company perform badly afterwards or not up to expectation, I will downgrade it from core portfolio to satellite portfolio, or sell it and put it back into the watch list, and may be removed from the watch list later.

Previously my stock watch list is all over the place. Some are in my computer files, some in the online trading platform, some in the blog and some in my head.

I hope by doing this, I will be more disciplined, systematic and alert in managing my stock market investment.

The watchlist is in the blog's page. It will be updated soon once I tidy up everything.

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