Monday 18 November 2013

Kiss Goodbye To BJAuto

I feel a bit ashamed by making these statement 2 days ago in BAuto Set To Fly On Debut:

"From the public respond to its IPO, perhaps BAuto may not have the same fortune as Karex & Caring."

"I can sense that it will open at 80sen and close at 90sen in the first day."

It is proven that my sense does not make any sense.

However, neither some investors and speculators of BJAuto do.

At an IPO price of 70sen, BJAuto opens at RM1.55 which is 121% above its IPO price and touches RM2.20 (214%) before 10am.

       Hehe... Huat ah

So for now, I have to say sayonara to BJAuto.

Surely a lot more investors will make a last gasp try of luck on Titijaya, possibly with all their savings. Titijaya will be the "king of over-subscription". 


  1. hey u should not be ashamed lah. its even unfair to comment based on hindsight. In my opinion i dont think it would stay this high for too long. I may be wrong too ;)

  2. i bought some at open and sold all before 4.40p.m.
    i also believe it wont stay high for too long.

  3. Current PE is farrrr toooo high

  4. Fithri/Yap, ya.. may go down to RM1 soon, but no one can predict the market accurately.

    H@rry, good to u! I was actually prepared for my first speculation play this year, until I saw the buy queue in the morning... you are brave & get your reward :)