Saturday 21 January 2012

Jusco Alma On The Way?

As we know earlier, last year Aeon has purchased a piece of land from DNP land (Wing Tai) in Alma area to build a Jusco shopping complex. There is no indication when will the project start.

Back in December last year, lorries started to move in the said land and a thick layer of earth is being laid. Up until now, seems like the earth work is almost completed on the whole area of land. Will we see the construction of a shopping complex here soon?

     Main enterance from Jalan Rozhan

     Jusco Alma site: earthwork in progress

May be not so soon.

From the board at the construction site, there will be 25 units of 3-storey shop offices in this new commercial development, which will surely cost over RM1 million per unit by DNP Land. Besides, there are also 2 plots of  "Kamajuan Masa Hadapan (Lot Perniagaan)" and 1 plot of "Kemajuan Masa Hadapan (Pusat Perniagaan)", in which the latter should be future Jusco shopping complex. Thus, the complex is not confirmed yet, perhaps pending approval of plan.

This commercial development is located at both sides of Jalan Rozhan. If we look at the original Impiana Commercial Hub plan (which has been taken down from DNP website), there are exactly 25 units of shop offices at the Tesco side, with a big triangular area (Lot Perniagaan?) fronting the main road. Is the current plan remain the same as the old version?

       Old version of ICH masterplan

Currently, earthwork is carried out at both the Tesco and Jusco side. So, it is likely that the 3-storey shop offices will be built at the Tesco side. The construction of Impiana West has reached road-paving stage while Impiana East almost drainage stage as an average. Besides, the road widening of Jalan Rozhan in front of the Impiana Gallery is also on-going, and the nearby flyover by Gamuda-MMC is almost completed with 2 lanes opened to traffic now!

Should you buy a new property in Alma area?... Jesselton Hill, Permatang Sanctuary, Desa Impian, Tropicale Residency, Garden Residency, Hillpark Residences etc...

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