Monday 2 December 2013

Back To Square One

From the very beginning, selling shares is always the toughest for me, even though the selling criteria are in place.

When the shares are loss-making, I am reluctant to realize the loss.

When the shares are profit-making, I hope to keep longer for more gain.

When the shares hit my target price, I am still not keen to sell if it gives good dividend and has good prospect ahead.

However, making a decision to buy shares is as easy as ABC.

That's why I still don't have cash reserve in my share investment portfolio.

I know that falling in love with the shares is unwise. So I sold the shares in my new portfolio for the first time in early Nov13.

It is better to keep some cash as the QE tapering concern is looming on the horizon.

Looking at my shares portfolio, some are generating good gain, some do not move much and one in loss. 

Finally, I decided to sell part of my Globetronics shares, rather reluctantly at RM3.06 because it is the only one that is very close to my own target price. I should have sold all but I didn't. I still want to be part of this great company.

After I sold the shares, MIDF gave Gtronic a target price of RM4.19. Not too long after this, Affin gave a target price of RM3.50. The more important thing is, Gtronics CEO told StarBiz that the company has secured substantial orders for its sensors and LED chips.

Perhaps I should sell those loss-maker and non-movers...

With the cash after the sale of Gtronic shares, I quickly bought some Matrix shares as planned. I am happy to keep the little cash left as reserve until I met Latitude Tree.

All back to square one again.

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