Monday 6 July 2020

My Portfolio Jun20

Summary For June 2020

Numbers of stocks 14
Share Sold Notion @ 0.705 (all)
Share Bought JAKS @ 0.88

JHM @ 1.33

SCIB @ 2.06 (add)
Overall 2020
Portfolio Return Jun20 2.83%
KLCI Return Jun20 1.88%
Portfolio Return YTD20 -0.50%
KLCI Return YTD20 -5.53%

Portfolio @ End of June 2020

Stocks Avg May20 Jun20 Div20 Jun20% Overall%
BJAUTO 1.92 1.25 1.48 4.2 18.4 -22.9
DAYA 0.035 0.005 0.010
100.0 -71.4
DKSH 2.50 2.83 2.49
-12.0 -0.4
GESHEN 0.43 0.44 0.43
-2.3 0.0
HIBISCUS 1.05 0.56 0.62
10.7 -41.4
JAKS 0.88

JHM 1.33

KPOWER 2.03 1.98 2.30
16.2 13.6
KRONO 0.76 0.52 0.535
2.9 -29.6
LEONFB 0.505 0.315 0.310
-1.6 -38.6
MATRIX 1.42 1.70 1.81 6.00 6.5 27.5
PRLEXUS 1.15 0.65 0.54
-16.9 -53.0
SCIB 2.06 2.03 2.13
4.9 3.4
SCIENTEX 2.735 8.28 8.90
7.5 225.4

For June 2020 my portfolio achieved a modest gain of 2.8%. Year-to-date it's close to break even.

On 29th May, I bought  my first stock since February this year. I'd say it's quite late and there are a lot of opportunities missed.

My first purchase was KPower followed by SCIB on the same day. In early June, I increased my position in SCIB and added Jaks into my portfolio. Only in late June I decided to add JHM.

My confidence in current stock market was actually not that high, so I was thinking of whether I should invest short term "hit & run" style or mid to long term like I used to do.

I decided to choose the latter.

As mentioned in my previous articles about Jaks, I believe that Jaks's FY21 will be great. However, as this stock has bad "Qi" from its history, it might not go up to where everybody wants it to be in a short period of time.

Jaks, together with Datuk Abdul Karim's KPower & SCIB are all companies in construction sector, a sector which is not in positive trend like health-related and technology stocks. 

Nevertheless, they are not in negative trend either. It's just neutral. Upcoming 12th Malaysia Plan (2021-2025), along with Sarawak state election and possible snap GE15 might act as catalyst for construction sector.

There are many tech stocks that I wish to invest in, including MI, SAM, Frontken, JHM & Gtronic. Finally I selected JHM mainly because I feel that its business model and products have the potential to generate good growth going forward, even though its share price has already went up more than 10 times before.

5G and electric vehicles are the next big things. I read that JHM plays some parts in 5G modules and EV charging stations which attracts my attention. 

However, its automotive-related LED back light business might suffer in Q2. Hopefully it can get back on track after that. 

125-150 EV charging stations to be built in Malaysia by 2017

I have sold all Notion shares to lock in the profit after holding it for more than 4 years. While its FY20Q1 loss-making result was not a surprise to me, I was a bit disappointed that the management did not mention much about its "Stingray" & "Nixon" projects.

I still have plan to buy back Notion, mainly due to its original business expansion while the new face masks business will be a bonus if it's sustainable. The management has warned that April & May will be the worst but expected a recovery in June. With the face mask business supposedly starting in June, may be it can help to save FY20Q2 result.

Matrix still haven't announce its FY20Q4 (Jan-Mac20) quarterly result yet, after being granted a delay until 15th July. Its results will be negatively affected but I'd expect worse result for FY21Q1 (Apr-Jun20).

Even though property market has slowed down for years, Matrix still registers increasing revenue and profit throughout the years. Its unbilled sales still stay at RM1.2billion at the end of Dec 2019. At least shareholders can expect consistent dividends for the next 1-2 years.

If not for the sales of industrial lands and total 5 quarters due to a change in financial year end in FY16, Matrix is a rare company which shows annual increasing revenue and profit without fail since listed in 2013.

Now we are already in the second half of 2020. So far this year I disposed 6 stocks and added 5 stocks. There are too many stocks in my portfolio now.

I nearly add another stock in June, but I hold back the strong buying desire due to depleted cash level. I need cash to subscribe to Jaks rights issue!


  1. Appreciate you can advice how you come out or calculate the overall 2020 Portfolio Return June2020 2.83%, KLSE Return June 2020 1.88%, Portfolio Return YTD etc.

    1. Hi dino, I stick to the approximation equation, can see this link: