Monday 1 September 2014

My Portfolio Aug14

Summary for August 2014

Numbers of stocks 8
Cash/Share ratio 0
Share Bought Protasco @ 1.64
Share Sold None

Overall 2014
Portfolio Return Aug14 1.9%
KLCI Return Aug14 -0.28%
Portfolio Return YTD14 60.7%
KLCI Return YTD14 -0.05%

Stock Portfolio @ End of Aug14

Core Portfolio
Stocks Average Latest G/L (%)
TAMBUN 0.77 2.46 219.5

Satellite Portfolio
Stocks Average Latest G/L (%)
GTRONIC 2.43 4.91 102.1
INARI 0.73 3.13 328.8
LATITUD 2.09 3.33 59.3
MATRIX 2.09 3.16 51.2
PRTASCO 1.64 1.64 0.0
SCIENTEX 5.47 6.13 12.1
YOCB 0.69 1.15 66.7

  • Bought a little bit of Protasco with little free cash accumulated in July. This is against my initial plan to buy only during the next major correction...
  • Decide to keep YOCB & Latitude at the moment despite "poor" latest quarter results, as I am confident they will post better top & bottom lines for FY15.
  • Scientex finally moves up!
  • May consider to add more Protasco, but need to sell others.


  1. Replies
    1. I think so... but not really the share price, what do u think?

    2. can i say double bottom created

    3. May be not at this juncture, it still can go either way from here...

    4. what's your opinion on tambun @ current price?

    5. My TP for Tambun is RM2.53. So if u ask me, I'd say current price at RM2.40 is not so attractive but not overvalued. I tend to be conservative with my TP, and Tambun may still grow further. I predict billings from Straits Garden to contribute significantly in the near future.

    6. Just worry of the current property market.

  2. Why the price nt yummy? Dropped 20% ady
    The 580mils PPA1M will start contributed next quarter.
    The oil&gas failure is a good thing, just afraid nt able to take back the deposit

    1. I also think its near future is good, and hopefully can give a surprise. Share price not that yummy at the moment (base on my own TP RM1.79), but overall is still yummy that's why I "all-in" my excess cash and plan to add more later.

    2. why your TP so low :( .. Haha, you give him 10x PE?

    3. I give PE 10x to be on a safer side, but I also miss some good opportunities by giving most stocks PE 10x.

      Anyway, I expect lower so that I can have more surprises in life :)

    4. Hi BD, u know what is the reason it drop recently? it had drop 20% from peak...

    5. Hi HorseField, I think investors & short term traders are discouraged by the failure of O&G venture.