Sunday 10 August 2014

Brief Portfolio Updates

Last Friday was a black Friday for many stock market players, but it can also be a good day for some.

KLCI fell almost 1.5% (27.45 points) in a single day, which is the most this year.

Can anyone sniff the bear?

Out of my total 7 stocks in portfolio, it is a surprise that 3 of them still manage to close in green.

However, these 3 stocks YOCB (+4.3%), Scientex (+3.5%) & Matrix (+0.6%) only make up 25% of my portfolio.

So, overall, I still can't escape from suffering big paper loss with the retreat of my 3 largest stocks held: Tambun (-4.9%), Latitude (-3.4%) & Inari (-2.2%).

For someone who has no excess cash to buy shares like me, yesterday was a bad day indeed.

Anyway, I hope the market can rebound next week on "bargain hunting".

Here are some brief updates on the stocks in my portfolio.


Pearl Avenue shop offices in Pearl City are almost done in which the progress is quite fast. Ground work has just started for GEMS International school & Pearl City Mall.

FY14Q2 result will be announced soon and anything better than last quarter could be a bonus. Anyway, this year it is already late to announce its final 4.4sen dividend which traditionally ex-ed in August.


Latitude will also announce its final quarter result for FY14 this month. It is closely watched because this particular quarter was affected by Vietnam riot.

No matter what, overall FY14 will be a big leap from FY13.

It is a small surprise that Latitude's share price was pushed up by good volume to test its resistance of RM3.25 last week, even though it might post a poorer result. Unfortunately it was also succumbed to the "Black Friday" and failed to break out.

Is it a chance to grab?


Another company to announce its financial result this month (FY14Q4). Similar to Latitude, overall FY14 will at least double the earning performance in FY13. Professional analysts mention that there might be positive surprise. So I'm eagerly awaiting that.

Regarding its rights issue & warrants, most likely I'll subscribe to them.


It has announced a record-breaking quarterly result last week. As I would expect, its share price did not rise, due to relatively high valuation at the moment.

Supported by good dividend and expected better 2HFY14, I think it's still worth to hold.


Share price is able to break new high after bonus issue. HLIB has given a clue of 10.4% improvement in sales in FY14Q2. How will this translate into the financial result of FY14Q2 which will also be announced this month?


Scientex has entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Futamura Chemical Co.Ltd to build a biaxially orientated polyprophylene (BOPP) film manufacturing plant and to develop and grow the consumer packaging markets.

Futamura is Japan's largest BOPP film manufacturer. That's why its share price has finally moved upward amid falling market.

Though it's still early to see the financial contribution from this agreement, I think it's a good step taken by Scientex to further enhance its leadership in packaging business in the region.


A relatively unknown small company with slow & steady growth, and good dividend too. It will also announce its final quarter result for FY14 this month.

As FY14Q4 is historically its weakest quarter, anything better than corresponding quarter of last year should be ok. I will be very happy if it can achieve a 10% increase in PATAMI for the whole FY14.


  1. Amazing, i also hold matrix, tambun and inari. 3 of them are around 40% in my portfolio. haha..

    1. Yea, I follow your blog & know that, u have great portfolio :) Just the O&G counters a bit underperform.