Friday 1 August 2014

My Portfolio Jul14

Summary for July 2014

July 2014
Numbers of stocks 7
Cash/Share ratio 1 : 45
Share Bought None
Share Sold None

Overall 2014
Portfolio Return Jul14 7.9%
KLCI Return Jul14 -0.6%
Portfolio Return YTD14 58.7%
KLCI Return YTD14 0.24%

Portfolio return calculation method

Stock Portfolio @ End of July14

Core Portfolio
Stocks Average Latest G/L (%)
TAMBUN 0.77 2.45 218.2

Satellite Portfolio
Stocks Average Latest G/L (%)
GTRONIC 2.43 4.73 94.7
INARI 0.73 3.20 338.4
LATITUD 2.09 3.01 44.0
MATRIX 2.09 3.05 45.9
SCIENTEX 5.47 5.69 4.0
YOCB 0.69 1.20 73.9

  • No transaction in July, for 2 consecutive months
  • Negligible amount of free cash
  • Poor share price performance by Scientex again - patience tested to the limit!

  • Continue to keep cash
  • Probably need to sell some shares to raise fund for other purpose


  1. Dear BD,
    Good day.

    I noticed that the stocks that you covered in July (L&G, Keladi, Fitters and etc) all perform well. What surprised me that you did not make any transaction. This goes to show that you have a very high EQ when come to stock investing. Something that I need to start learning.

    At same time during this period, I make losses in the market. :( Guess need to gain more knowledge fundamentally. I would like to touch base with you to seek your kind guidance. My email address is


    1. Hi FCD, I think my investment EQ is still yet to reach a level I wish for, but certainly it has improved a lot :) You can reach me at

      Anyway, if you can learn everything in this website, I think you'll be a much better fundamental investor.

  2. u can try considering lcth ...

  3. Dear BD, thanks for your kind reply. I also refer Intelligent Investor on some of the idea of investing however, some part is so technical :-s which only confused me even more :P. (Just an ordinary person with zero background of financial terms) Well, dun get me wrong, the blog was indeed a great site to gain some fundamental knowledge.

    Thanks again for your kindness in sharing information.

    Take care.

    1. You're not alone, I also find the info there hard to digest. May be it's not the time yet :)